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Uday has provided me the tools I need to learn the business. I am happy I chose Uday to chart out my career path.
Mustaque Ali (Customer Care Executive)

I now no longer need to go anywhere to look for a job. Uday has helped me earn money where I live, thus stay close to my family and study too.
Ravi Pabari (Customer Care Executive)

Working in a BPO was always my objective. Uday has helped me achieve that with ease. I am satisfied with my choice.
Bhavna Zala (Customer Care Executive)

It was always thought that good call centers were in Ahmedabad or Gurgaon. Seeing Uday’s operations and its leadership, that thought changed my mind. Today, I am a satisfied employee of Uday.
Pradyuman K Manek (Customer Care Executive)

My parents always stressed on getting technical knowledge so that I could get employed with TCL, whereas I was more inclined towards arts. With Uday providing employment to non-technical students like me, I am proud of the stream I chose to study.
Kishor Hathiya (Customer Care Executive)

With the rapid growth call centers are achieving these days, rural BPO’s like Uday have opened the doors for me in the industry near my home. There is nothing more I could ask for.
Javed Panjwani (Team Leader)

I joined Uday after getting a reference from a friend of mine. She referred me to work here as it was a good place with a good brand. I am happy she was right both ways.
Madhvi Joshi (Customer Care Executive)

My parents always thought that call centers were always a far away employment and unsafe for girls. After I got an opportunity to work with Uday, they visited my office and were assured that my decision was correct.
Jyoti Jethwa (Customer Care Executive)

I had studied Reverse Migration only in books. With Uday I was able to experience it. It is a great idea of providing employment for rural semi-skilled people.
Chetan Thaker (Customer Care Executive)

I have been associated with Uday for over 4 years now. I like the working environment here and the people are good.  I see a good future here for me.
Deepak Rathod (Customer Care Executive)